Winston Morrison is the founder of Melbourne Tap Dance and the annual Australian Tap Dance Festival. He has had the pleasure of performing solo internationally at the Montreal Tap Festival, New York City Tap Festival, and teaching at New York's Broadway Dance Centre.  He has had the pleasure of teaching worldwide in Italy, France, Austria, Croatia, Czech, UK, New Zealand , Spain, Germany, Switzerlland, United states and Canada

Winston has been tap columnist for Dance-Train magazine and presented instructionals for Dance-Infoma magazine. He has appeared on television and radio, specifically to represent tap on shows like Channel 9's Kids WB, ABC’s Studio 3 and Australia’s Got Talent. Other festival performances include the Wangaratta Jazz Festival, St Kilda Festival, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Spiegeltent, Sydney Road Music Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Other credits include tap dancing in a Monash University and Commonwealth Bank advertisements, ‘Sammi D’ - a Jazz Tap musical, Parisian Rendezvous, Immersed Dance Industry Night, Masters of Choreography's Once Upon a Time, and Beacon the Musical which he co-created with Kricket Forster in 2014.

Winston’s tap dance style is musical, visually dynamic and soulful. His masterclasses will guide dancers to have a richer sound and movement experience. Ways to enhance footwork and rhythms will happen with using techniques taught to him by Ted Louis Levy, Dianne Walker and Barbary Duffy. Dancers will access that freeing, flying feeling when they move and take the time to get specific about the counts and what to emphasise. The musicality classes will look at music theory and notation, syncopation and feels, time steps, subdivisions, phrasing and tune structure, how to tap with live music, as well as getting to play with jazz standards and having purpose in improvisation!

Also a musical director and pianist, he brings this knowledge and musical sensitivity to his expression, classroom and shows. Through his own experiences, observations and learnings from teachers across various disciplines, he carries unique distinctions that create a freeing sound and movement experience.

Winston created the Australian Tap Dance Festival in 2012 after being part of life changing tap events overseas since 2008. From those experiences he took the best aspects (residencies, discussions, evening events, the family atmosphere, live musicians, performance opportunities and sources of inspiration) to create an amazing experience for the community here in Australia. The festival facilitates growth in the tap community and brings tap to the public through its annual shows, including "Australia's Got Tap!" (2012), "Rhythm in Motion" (2013) featuring Ayodele Casel, "Good Vibrations" (2014) featuring Derick Grant, Sarah Reich, "Rhythm is our Business" (2015) featuring Emmy Award Winner and Tony Award Nominee, Ted Louis Levy, "Rhythm Warriors" featuring MacArthur Fellowship recipient Michelle Dorrance, and "Rhythmic Kaleidoscope" (2017) featuring Bessie Award Winner Roxane Butterfly.